Dr. Bert Payne is the founder and president of 1010 Consulting Group a poultry veterinary practice dedicated to bringing over 30 years of poultry expertise, problem solving capabilities, and management skills to the broiler, layer, and turkey industries. In creating an independent firm, 1010 Consulting Group operates under strict two-way confidentiality to offer private, dynamic, and individualized poultry consulting and veterinary oversight. Dr. Payne holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Mississippi State University and a Master of Avian Medicine from the University of Georgia. Additionally, he is board certified in poultry medicine by the American College of Poultry Veterinarians.

Quality Consulting

Prior to joining Elanco, Bert was a field veterinarian for Perdue Farms, Inc. responsible for bird healthprograms in the Mid-Atlantic region. Based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Bert developed a strong background in production medicine and practical disease prevention. While there, he developed numerous training programs for company personnel to improve operational efficiencies in hatcheries, processing facilities, and the live production operations.


The client relationship is one in which confidentiality is of utmost importance. 1010 Consulting Group operates under two-way confidentiality disclosures to insure your proprietary information is protected. 1010 Consulting Group accepts no third party funding giving you absolute confidence that the recommendations you receive and services provided are of the highest level of integrity and business ethics.

Upon joining Elanco, Bert spent the first half of his career continuing field based work with Elanco’s customers worldwide. In addition to assignments in the Delmarva industry, Bert spent 10 years in the southeastern US assisting integrators in the layer, turkey, and broiler industries with health and production programs. While providing traditional technical support within that geography, Bert developed trust with select groups of companies serving as an alternative to their hiring a corporate veterinarian. These relationships not only provided the opportunity to further develop his production expertise, but serve as the model for 1010 Consulting Group.
In 2002, Bert relocated to Indianapolis to manage the global poultry technical team for Elanco. Bert recruited and hired numerous key technical professionals creating an industry leading technical team. Bert also led the sales team in the US business to an unprecedented period of growth through leveraging the synergy of a strong technical team with a customer centric mindset of the sales team. In addition to managing field teams, Bert worked closely with the business develop group, R&D organization, and marketing to further solidify Elanco’s strength in the global poultry industry.
In 2014, Bert accepted the assignment as Director of Global Business with Agristats. While responsible for developing the international client base of Agristats, Bert also gained a much deeper knowledge of the value and use of Agristats to maximize clients’ company performance. This experience coupled with his production and management capabilities gives Bert a unique ability to add value and build trust with corporate clients. His combination of practical problem solving skills, team mindset, and customer focus all serve to provide the highest level of service and value to the clients of 1010 Consulting Group.


We offer comprehensive production health programs for broilers, layers, and turkeys. Our professional experience can provide valuable insight and guidance for any size operation, from small to large scale production.


  • Comprehensive Vaccination and Health Maintenance Program Oversight
  • Production and Fertility Maximization
  • Disease Surveillance and Biosecurity Risk Management


  • Chick Quality Management and Optimization
  • Hatchability Improvement
  • Microbiology Monitoring


  • Comprehensive Disease Prevention and Vaccination Programs
  • Performance Capture and Optimization
  • Bird Quality and Welface Management


  • USDA Condemnation Correlation Improvement
  • Yield Capture
  • Carcass Quality Maximization


  • Integrated Approach to Comprehensive Use of Agristats® and Production Data
  • Field Data Interpretation and Insight Assistance
  • Product Data Assessment


  • Disease Diagnosis and Management Training
  • Action Plan Creation for Optimal Results
  • Team Development and Goal Achievement


  • Branded Program Audits
  • Regulatory Trial Monitoring
  • Third-Party QC/QA Audits


  • Disease Prevention strategies under Vet/Client/Patient Relationship
  • Antibiotic and Prescription Medication Judicious Use
  • Record Retention and Management
  • Food Safety Modernization Act Implementation



Bert is an active member of the AVMA, AAAP, PSA as well as a past director of the NCC and the Indiana 4H Foundation. Most recently Bert, serving as Operations Director, helped develop a nonprofit entity within Elanco, Hatch for Hunger, to deliver eggs to the food bank network of the Midwest. His hunger relief engagement helps demonstrate Bert’s personal commitment to feeding the world and his compassion for people.


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Dr. Payne is licensed in Indiana and Georgia with eligibility for all other states and is also federally accredited by the USDA meeting legal requirements for regulatory work within the United States.


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